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When it comes to French Bulldogs, their loveable appearance and affectionate nature are only part of the appeal. French Bulldogs come in a variety of modern and exotic colors, each adding to their unique charm. At Johnson House Bullies, we specialize in breeding these beautiful Frenchie puppies with colors that are as unique as their personalities. Here we will take a look at the most popular modern French Bulldog colors that are gaining attention everywhere.

Blue French Bulldogs

Blue French Bulldogs are one of the most sought-after Frenchie colors. Their coat has a bluish-gray hue, which is caused by a dilution of the black gene. This color is uncommon and gives the Frenchie a unique and soft appearance. Blue Frenchies often have light-colored eyes, which can range from light brown to blue, adding to their unique appearance. While blue Frenchies are still a rarity, they are more common and less difficult to produce than many of the other popular modern colors.

Lilac French Bulldogs

Lilac French Bulldogs are another rare and beautiful color variation. Their coat is a result of the combination of the blue and chocolate genes. This gives them a light, almost pastel, purplish hue. The lilac coat color has a very soft and delicate appearance in both adult Frenchies and French Bulldog puppies. Like the blue Frenchies, lilac French Bulldogs often have light-colored eyes, which can be blue, gray, or amber.

Merle French Bulldogs

Merle French Bulldogs are known for their one-of-a-kind coat patterns. The merle pattern includes patches (blotches) of different colors, often in a marbled or speckled design. This pattern can come in an array of color and pattern combinations, such as blue merle and chocolate and tan merle. Merle Frenchies often have one or two blue (sometimes called glass eye) or oddly colored eyes (heterochromia), adding to their uniqueness.

Isabella French Bulldogs

Isabella, not to be confused with lilac, is a beautifully rare coat color. This color is a combination of the dilution of the black (d/d) and red genes (b/b), resulting in a pale, caramel-like hue. Isabella French Bulldogs often have light-colored eyes and noses, contributing to their elegant look. With isabella as the base coat color, these dogs can also have various patterns on their coat (such as isabella and tan merles). This color is particularly popular among Frenchie breeders.

Platinum French Bulldogs

Platinum French Bulldogs have a pale, silver coat, with no visible markings. Their genetic coat color is masked by the cream gene (e/e).  A true platinum Frenchie is not just a white dog. Genetically, this dog can be any color or pattern – but it is hidden under the cream gene. For example, a lilac and tan platinum would be genetically lilac and tan (according to DNA) with the cream gene (e/e) hiding it all. The pigment you see around the eyes, lips, paw pads, and nose of a platinum Frenchie would follow that of their DNA. For example, a platinum blue and tan Frenchie will have diluted pigment around the eyes and nose. Platinum French Bulldogs often have light eyes and a light nose, adding to their elegant look. Platinums are loved by many, especially Frenchie breeders who welcome these beautiful and unique genetics into their program.

New Shade Isabella French Bulldogs

New Shade Isabella French Bulldogs are an advanced variation of the Isabella color. They have an even more diluted hue, giving them an intense and ethereal appearance. This color is rare and highly sought after, making these Frenchies a unique addition to any family or Frenchie breeding program. They are a lighter, goldish-brown variant of isabella and have two copies of both testable and non-testable chocolate genes along with the dilute gene (d/d, b/b, co/co).

Chocolate French Bulldogs

Chocolate French Bulldogs have a rich, brown coat that comes in various shades, from light milk chocolate to dark cocoa. This color is produced by the presence of the recessive chocolate gene. Chocolate Frenchies often have amber or light brown eyes, adding to their beautiful brown hues.

Rojo French Bulldogs

Rojo French Bulldogs are chocolate Frenchies, but with two copies of cocoa (co/co) and testable chocolate genes (b/b) that are present in genetic testing. They are a lighter, more intense shade of chocolate. This color is quite unique and stands out due to its intensity and vibrancy. Rojo Frenchies often have golden (yellow) eyes and chocolate noses and pigment around the eyes, which deliver a visible contrast to their coat color.

Fluffy French Bulldogs

While not a color, the fluffy French Bulldog is gaining popularity due to its unique coat texture. These Frenchies have a longer, fluffier coat, which is a result of a recessive gene. Fluffy Frenchies can come in any of the colors and patterns mentioned above, but their fluffy coat adds an extra layer of uniqueness to their appearance.

There’s a French Bulldog for You At JHB

At Johnson House Bullies, we take pride in breeding French Bulldogs in these stunning and modern colors. Each Frenchie puppy is unique, not just in personality but also in appearance. Whether you’re drawn to the rare blue or lilac coats, the eye-catching merle patterns, or the silvery platinum and isabella hues, there’s a Frenchie out there that’s perfect for you. We are committed to providing healthy and beautiful French Bulldogs for sale, ensuring each puppy finds a loving home.

For more information about our Frenchie puppies and their available colors, contact us. We’re here to help you find the perfect addition to your family or breeding program.

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