Johnson House Bullies isabella, lilac, blue, chocolate, merle, fluffy french bulldogs for sale tennessee

We are Shawn and Rusty Johnson, a husband and wife team who are responsible French Bulldog breeders and also professional full-time whelpers. Our business has been operating since 2017 and we are proud of the exceptional care we provide for our dogs.

Our Approach as French Bulldog Breeders

At our home-based breeding facility, we focus on whelping and raising our French Bulldog litters. By keeping them close to us, we ensure constant attention and care for both the newborns and their mothers. Our breeding program is dedicated to improving the quality of our stock and producing healthy, high-quality Frenchie puppies.

We take great care in planning our litters, only using studs and dams that have undergone health testing, possess stable temperaments, and exhibit desirable structures. This attention to detail allows us to produce a variety of colors, including platinum, lilac & tan, blue & tan, merle in all color varieties, the new shade isabella, and of course visual full fluffy in all colors.

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Our Available French Bulldog Puppies

Our commitment to our customers extends beyond breeding. We offer AKC breeding rights, as well as discounted pet home options (limited AKC). Additionally, for those unable to pick up their puppies in person, we provide safe and affordable shipping options.

Staying Connected With Us

Ensuring that our customers can stay connected with their future furry family members is important to us. We maintain a strong presence on Instagram and Facebook, where we regularly update our followers and potential owners with adorable pictures and videos of our Frenchies. It allows new forever families to see their Frenchie puppy before it is delivered to them.

The Health and Wellness of our Dogs & Puppies

Prior to leaving our care, each of our puppies receives age-appropriate deworming, vaccines, and microchips. We diligently continue their medication and shots regimen until they are ready to join their forever families. To ease the transition, we send each new puppy home with a comprehensive puppy care package. This package includes food, toys, and vital information about their past medication history and future medication due dates.

Our Journey as Frenchie Breeders

Originally from the New Orleans area north of Lake Pontchartrain, we recently relocated to just north of Jackson, Tennessee. Since moving, we have been building our dream facility on our 9-acre farm. Our newest addition is a two-story, 2,500 sq. ft barn, designed to accommodate our adult French Bulldogs and growing puppies. Equipped with AC and heating, this barn provides a comfortable and cozy environment for our dogs. Each adult Frenchie has their own spacious sleeping area, measuring 9×10 feet, with two other dogs for company.

Within the barn, we have created a dedicated space for ourselves as well. Complete with a full kitchen, laundry room, and living room, we can spend quality one-on-one time with our dogs and puppies. It’s a space that feels like home, rather than a traditional barn. We are also in the process of adding outdoor play yards for our furry friends. These play yards, averaging around 30×60 feet each, will provide ample space for daily exercise, playtime, and exploration. To witness the progress of our dream facility, check out our Instagram highlight reel, titled “Frenchie Barn”.

Our Past Productions

Below you can see some of our past productions in no particular order. Although we previously had XL American Bully litters, we have now shifted our focus entirely to our Frenchie program.
We take immense pride in our work and are excited to continue our journey as dedicated French Bulldog breeders.

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  1. Gregory Sunde

    Hello we are looking a
    For a blue French bulldog

    1. JohnsonHouseBullies

      Thank you for your interest. We have contacted you via the information you provided.

      1. Stephen

        Your dogs look stronger then the Frenchies I have seen in other photos. We have just picked up a new puppy and he really looks like your dogs. The Breeder we got our dog from is not the best communicator and I wanted to ask if you could tell me what blood line your dogs have and ask if there is anyway we can find out our dogs blood line if the Breeder doesn’t know

        1. JohnsonHouseBullies

          Before making a purchase, it’s important to get all the necessary details from the breeder you’ve chosen to do business with. If you have any questions and the breeder can’t answer them, then they may not be the right fit for you. On my website, I provide information about the parentage of my puppies and my productions. However, I have additional information about lineage that is not included on my website. I am happy to provide this information to my customers upon request. You can also obtain the pedigree from AKC, but be aware that the names of the dogs you find online may be different from their names registered with AKC.

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