Buying a puppy is a big responsibility below you’ll find helpful guidelines to make the transition a little easier. 

Puppy Care Guide

Puppy Proof Your Home

There are a number of unsafe things in and around your home that you might need to puppy-proof. Some of these things include some human foods, electrical cords, holes in the fence, rodenticides, and poisonous plants.

Some toxic plants to be aware of are: narcissus (Daffodil) and hyacinth bulbs, oleander, rhododendrons, cyclamen, amaryllis, yew, chrysanthemum (mums), and sago palm (used heavily in the south).

Some poisonous human foods to avoid are: apple core and seeds, alcohol, avocado, chocolate, grapes, raisins, macadamia nuts, pecans, onion, and garlic.

Find a Vet

Take your new puppy to the vet for a thorough examination. Keeping up with your puppy’s vaccination schedule is essential in keeping your puppy healthy. Please remember your puppy isn’t fully vaccinated when you pick them up from us here at Johnson House Bullies. They are most likely on their second of the three sets of core vaccines and still need to receive their rabies vaccine. So please be aware they are at risk of catching diseases and viruses until they are fully vaccinated. ​

Puppy Schedule | Potty Training

Establishing a daily schedule for your new puppy is essential to having a well-behaved, balanced dog. Your puppy should be taken to the bathroom as soon as it wakes up, right after they eat, and after play time.

Meal Time

A note about GDV, or gastric dilatation volvulus, twisted stomach, or bloat.
Don’t exercise your dog heavily 1 hour before or 1-2 hours after eating. Avoid single large meals. Don’t let your dog drink large quantities of water at one time. If your dog shows signs of bloating, episodes of unproductive belching, retching or vomiting seek emergency vet care immediately.

Items Your Puppy Will Need

Adjustable collar, and leash​.

Crate, pen, or safe area for your dog to be contained in when you are away.

Dog bed or sleeping mat.

Food and water bowl.

Food and treats. (e.g. Best Bully Sticks dog treats, and grain free dog food.)

Grooming supplies. (e.g. dog shampoo, brush, and nail clippers)

Some form of identification. There are two options — identification (ID) tags and microchips — it’s a good idea to use them both.

Toys are essential for a growing puppy. Some brands / types that have proven to be tough are: Jolly Ball Brand, Kong, firehose material toys, deer antlers. Because toys can become choking hazards, be sure to supervise your new puppy when they are playing with their toys and chews.

french bulldog puppy care guidelines for your new puppy

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