The platinum French Bulldog coat color is a symphony of silvery tones, covering a hidden color DNA (for example, hiding the DNA for a lilac and tan coat). The silvery hue in French Bulldogs typically manifests as a pale, silvery-gray shade with a metallic sheen, creating a lustrous and elegant appearance. The coat is short and smooth, highlighting the breed’s distinctive muscular build. The platinum coloration may vary in intensity, with some dogs exhibiting a lighter or darker shade. Complementing the coat, their eyes and nose may also showcase a harmonious coloration, contributing to the overall striking and refined look of the platinum French Bulldog. This unique coat variation adds a touch of sophistication to the French Bulldog’s already charming and charismatic appearance. Johnson House Bullies is a proud producer of platinum-colored Frenchie puppies. We have several of these silver-colored babies as well as our silver studs available.

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